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The customers of Keller AG expect their purchased home conservatories and window systems to function just as well and provide the same pleasure even after many years.  To meet this objective, we select only materials and components which correspond to high quality standards and which are long-lasting.  In the Keller factory pays attention to the smallest details and perfect finish.  We use only high-quality aluminum and high-strength materials to ensure that you remain happy with our products for many years. The knowledge and experience of our employees is essential.  Many processes are still performed by hand in order to ensure the high quality of standards.  

For more than 35 years, Keller has had an international name as a designer and manufacturer of individually-designed home conservatories and high-quality windows and doors.  It is our aim to create something special, to develop products which meet the requirements of modern architecture and which correspond to the expectations and demands of the user.  The desire for perfection and aesthetics is part of the philosophy which we remind ourselves of each day.  Keller's services are completed with products from carefully-selected specialist companies who meet our high standards.

Keller has been manufacturing in the north of Luxembourg since 1990 and in 1994 Keller was awarded the "Made in Luxembourg" label.  All phases of work, from development and planning via manufacture to assembly are performed in-house.

LeBlond and Company is one of 70 business partners of Keller world wide, one of four in the United States.  LeBlond and company fell in love with Keller because of their quest for absolute perfection and top quality.  It is our customers, their wishes and needs, who are at the center of everything that Keller does, which runs parallel to LeBlond and Companies mission, working together to bring YOUR vision to fruition.

Keller uses only the highest-quality aluminum profiles which have been extruded especially for their product lines.  Every home conservatory is fully pre-assembled and tested at the factory before it is delivered to the future owner, allowing the risk of uncertainty be almost fully eliminated.  

Keller Minimal, in partnership with LeBlond and company, are dedicated to providing the future owner with the maximum possible pleasure from their investment, and to ensure that we do, we do offer lifelong services to you.  Every Keller design is an investment for life, that is something we are proud to promise and stand by.

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