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Loewen crafts luxurious windows and doors that are the statement pieces of custom residential architecture. Elevate homes into distinctive havens with Loewen’s seamless blend of authentic materials and obsessive engineering. Our spectrum of products are built with precision to match the sophisticated vision of the most creative and exacting architectural designs.

Loewen products are engineered to comply and exceed building codes in North America. Each test is conducted by an independent agency and is based on extreme conditions and varying product sizes. Code compliance is a fundamental aspect of our product design. Many of our products meet the performance requirements for Energy Star in all United States climate zones. The National Fenestration Rating Council empirically shows that Loewen products are among the industry’s best in terms of thermal performance.

Loewen windows are highly customizable. There are countless options and features to tailor to each unique opening in any style of home. Whether you are looking to retrofit an elegant, traditional-style home, or aiming for a highly contemporary look, Loewen has the ideal solution.

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