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The window - one of mankind's cleverest inventions.  they provide light and warmth, protection and safety, views in and out.  Exclusive design windows make invaluable contributions to living- and work space and provide an individual atmosphere.  This is the reason why SILBER in Mistelbach near Wels in Upper Austria has manufactured windows made of sophisticated materials and in top quality for over 150 years.  These days, we supply customers all over the world with top--quality windows and doors, we are very proud of this.

Among our customers are developers and architects who wish to buy or refurbish exclusive and individual windows.  As manufactures of high-quality windows, the SILBER family vouches for products' top quality.  Besides wood, which is a valuable base material available in a wide range of types, we believe in the combination with materials such as bronze and multi-layer glass.  Facades of any kind profit from the perfect harmony individual windows and construction material and the environment.,  Unique and exclusive construction projects benefit form our designer windows.  Allow us to inspire you and find out everything there is to know about windows form SILBER. Invest in sustainability.

Our design wooden and wood/aluminum windows embody a lot of love and skilled craftsmanship.  We appreciate the different types of wood with their characteristics as assets for generations.  Artists, designers and technicians combine the lively character of wood with the ease, durability and weather resistance of aluminum.  If you wish to buy or refurbish valuable windows, you can rely on these product's top quality and exclusive design.  Our standard range will impress sophisticated customers, you will be fascinated by our wide design range for individual, tailor made windows.  

Nature Wood Window

Different types of wood are finished with individual craftsmanship with a thin layer of varnish or coat of paint.  The result is a product with natural beauty in best SILBER quality.  Types of wood being used include fir, spruce, larch, oak, mahogany, amber and antique woods.  Constructing a window begins with the selection of the exquisite timbers and working carefully with them.  The fully glued joints, the hidden drainage and the drip nozzle of the rain guard make for constructive wood protection.  Each section is sorted per commission to guarantee a harmonious grain appearance on the floor and wings.  With a profile thickness of up to 100 mm, can achieve the highest level of insulation and soundproofing.   Different types of wood are finished with individual craftsmanship with a thin layer of varnish or coat of paint.  The result is a product with natural beauty.


Wood-Alu Windows

A classic appearance, a wealth of varieties and a ground-breaking heat insulation system mark this window out from the rest.  Aluminum in connection with wood and that in proven quality.  

The Silber wood/aluminum window has two sides:  On the inside wood creates an enchanting atmosphere for your rooms, on the outside aluminum protects against any type of weather. At SILBER, customers will find no limits with regards to designing wood/aluminum windows.  The aluminum profiles are available in three different styles and many different colors. 

A classic appearance, a wealth of varieties and a ground-breaking heat insulation system mark this window out from the rest.  On the outside, aluminum profiles in different directions protect the window from rain and snow.  On the inside hand polished timber in different designs make for the perfect style to match your home.  the triple glazing means that even in winter your home can be cosy and warm.  Innovative construction provides you with a resistant window that keeps your heating bills down.  Merging wood and aluminum guarantees durability and the highest levels of insulation. The flush mounted windows allow for a streamlined appearance and harmonize particularly well with the clear shapes of modern architecture.  A wide range of materials allows the development of individually adapted design elements for buildings in a more contemporary life style.

SILBER wood/aluminum classic, the low energy house window.  Cosy, heat insulating genuine wood is protected from weathering by a maintenance free aluminum panel.  You can select the type of wood that goes with your furniture - all types of wood are available for delivery.

Silber Passive

As a pioneer of energy efficient construction, SILBER fensterbau GmbH took on the technical challenges early on and developed one of the first certified passive home windows.  SILBER are proud of their technical prowess regarding their windows for passive houses.  As pioneers of thermal insulation, SILBER can claim to be one of the first to present a certified passive house window.  SILBER passive is impressive due to its delicate frame dimensions and harmonious optics in optimal conditions.  This is why this window is unbeatable when it comes to saving energy which is also highly interesting for other types of house.  The certified SILBER passive window impresses with its appealing design, first-class workmanship, individual design possibilities and our employees' revolutionary know-how.  Save sustainable energy with our design-passive windows - and not just in passive houses.  As a pioneer of energy efficient construction, SILBER took on the technical challenges early on and developed one of the first certified passive home windows.  The company's many years of experience allow them to offer room for flexibility when designing passive home windows.   With a selection from two profile groups for various stylistic directions, you can achieve harmonizing visuals with a Uw value of 0.71.  SILBER surpasses the strict criteria for passive homes and, in doing so, extends the limits of what is possible.

Silber Bronze

One of our featured options is the SILBER wood bronze window.  On the one hand, it is characterized by the comfort and authenticity of a wooden window, and on the other hand, the bronze ensures durability and an unlimited life span.  A particularly sophisticated window for particularly sophisticated customers: Design-bronze-windows from the window manufacturer SILBER.  Wood is the yin and bronze is the yang: warm atmosphere for indoors, high resistance for outdoors.  The circle closes in a harmonious way, when this window is able to display its beauty in exclusive construction objects over many generations.  Treat yourself with these special design-windows for a special living experience.  The combination of wood and bronze makes for unlimited lifespan and an exclusive building culture.  The impressive aesthetics of the Antico and Ramato ranges appeal to the imagination of every generation.  Despite the natural surface, SILBER Bronze windows are very resistant, on the inside and the outside.  Processing bronze requires precise craftsmanship.  These windows are therefore a rarity.  The weather-resistant outer part of the bronze windows guarantees it will function for eternity.  The charming inner side of  the window will enchant every room with a very special atmosphere.  The construction material bronze is one of the oldest materials known to mankind.  SILBER combines bronze into windows and doors that impress with elegance, sturdiness, cozy atmosphere and low-maintenance value preservation - for customers who want to buy exceptionally durable windows and doors.  Pass your lifestyle on to the next generation - with exquisite wood bronze windows and wood bronze doors form SILBER.  

Wood-Glass Windows

The revolutionary Avantgarde Stepped Glass Windows open up totally new possibilities for all those who place high demands on architectural aesthetic: The combination of tempered and annealed glazing, smoothed glass edges and the finest wood make SILBER Avantgarde a real unicum in the field of window construction.  SILBER Avantgarde has elements that can be opened without losing the effect of a flush surface look, which is in line with modern architecture whereby insulation glass is used to build house walls.  Due to the fact that the frame is completely covered by glass, the window is ideally protected against weather influences.  Top quality glazing and innovative edge bonding systems additionally create an incredible thermal insulation effect.

SILBER Design 80 - Windows

Wood/aluminum windows in a classic-traditional design, suitable for universal use and convincing via its particular wood thickness and the extreme stability of the window casements, frames and fittings.  Modern design through narrow wood elevation and especially straight forward architecture of the window.  The outcome: bright, open and light-bathed rooms, reduced heating costs and improved thermal insulation.  Best value, sound insulation:45 (-1;-5) dB, Best value, thermal insulation: Uw0.75Wm2K.  Break-in resistance RC2.  Wood types include European Spruce, Larch and oak with surface colors that include varnished wood surfaces, oiled or fully finished varnish.  

Unlimited-100 Windows Wood and Wood Aluminum

Premium windows in perfect functionality and ergonomics that meet the highest demands in architecture and design.  Independent of the special solution required, SILBER aims towards and achieves what is feasible.  Our premium products create a highly individual living space.  Due to their timeless nature and "functionality" they are culturally relevant and- via material and design- provide the house with "soul" as a result of their sensuality.  Top selection of solid wood via the master carpenter's expertise, extreme diligence and selection criteria, perfect combination of materials.  Special sizes with the finest surfaces of wood, aluminum or bronze are our destiny.

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